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Esther Niko

Singer / Songwriter, Storyteller, Performer

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‘What If…’

Esther Niko

An imaginary soundtrack to films that have never been produced.


What If - EstherNiko’

Available on:

Solid Ground - Esther Niko (Radio Edit - Single)
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Live Show from Berlin @ Tempelhofer Feld, May 2015 - 'Just Bonnie No Clyde' from the Album 'Esther Niko - What If' www.estherniko-whatif.com www.facebook.com/EstherNikoOfficial keys - David Hason guitar - Hendrik Görsch drums - David Anania bass - Stephan Günzel

2. Single aus Willy Karmas neuem Album "Stereotyp" featuring Esther Niko

At home in the studio

“I have always been a studio artist rather than a stage performer. I love working on the development, creating the story, writing it down, making it understandable, bringing it to life and finally sending it out into the world. It is like teaching your baby how to live - just much faster -and with lesser poop and discussion.”

— E.N.

Esther Niko live show in Dresden 2016 Guitars: David Hason and Hendrik Goersch Photography: Sarah Healey




Playing life!

“Theres is something only performers can understand about being on stage. Even when being the most stage confident person, the gap between going up on stage and reaching the sweet spot, or as my producer used to say ‘sweet spot’, lasts a million years, is terrible and the biggest gift of all times.”

— E.N.

Fanfootage- LIVE snippets from the Charity Show 'Cross Country' in Usedom, Germany. Thank you for sending it in!



‘Music is the soul liberating itself from the body for abrief moment in time.’

“This is what one of my vocal teachers used to say when I was a lot younger. Back then I tried to understand, but only heard what she said. Today I know and I can finally listen, to what she said..”

— E.N.




My name is Esther Seibt - but as a musician I chose the name Niko.

I always struggled with my femininity. I was a tomboy for most of my youth, who liked to dress up. I wore long blonde hair, but only since it made me look like a native - wild and free. I had a career as an actress for Film and TV long before I took my first album out, though I always made music. But as an actress I usually played a girly girl. When it came to who I wanted to be on stage, I needed to create a division between the actress and the much wilder singer I wanted to become. So looked for a stage alter ego, that was still me, yet different.

When I was born, my parents did not know, whether I was going to be a boy or a girl. I obviously turned out a girl. But my mom liked the name Nikolai so much, since it sounds very arty and comes from the queen of Victory ‘Nike’, that she had asked the nurse to put up both names, Esther and Nicolai. She refused, so I ended up being an Esther with no addition.

When my mom told me the story, I knew: Niko, felt like my wilder more boyish and strong alter ego, that had been missing all the way throughout my life. This is when I decided: stage is no place for fear or doubt, but the wild girl I always wanted to be: a boy with a girly attitude. Or a girl named Esther Niko.