Esther Seibt.

Actress / Voice Over / Vocal Talent

Height: 5ft7 / Playing Age: 30 - 40 / Figure: Sporty, tall, healthy / Experience: Professional actress since 1998 / Looks: Caucasian, Natural blonde, Dark eyes / Voice: Mezzo Soprane / Living in Berlin, Germany / Licences: car (very good), sailing (open sea and lakes)

Esther is in constant coaching with Kristiane Kupfer Special Coaching Berlin.


About ES


Sailing, Windsurfing, Skiing, Yoga, Hiking, HiiT, Barre, Cycling, Martial Arts


English (perfect), Franch (good), Greek (basic) - super fast learner and always sound like she is one of ‘them’ due to her very musical ears.


Trained singer (Opera, Jazz, Pop), Mezzo Soprano, stage performer, Studio Experienced, Songwriter


Caprice Crawford 

Actors / Actresses 

Uhlandstraße 53 | 10719 Berlin  | Fon + 49  30 346 58 918 | Mobile + 49 172 30 88868 


ES reel 2019


Esther Seibt for ‘EstherNiko- WhatIf’



Voice over - Works

Clients: ELIXIA, Hallmark, AllOneYoga Retreat Centers, b3zehn, Sight - Amirali Navaee, i.e




E.S. Featured in …

Small collection of magazine & press releases.

Esther Seibt in Vogue March 2019

More media coverage…

“upon request. ;)”

— E.S.


What a privilege!

“I am always moved when finding my face in the media, especially when it is for just being myself, outside of a project or job. Though, I prefer a mentioning on my works, since through my work, I can truly express who I am, whilst the ‘private me’ should always stay in the unknown - for a least a tiny little bit. That’s the magic.”

— E.S.

If you’d like to know more about my journey...

“…you can follow me on instagram. A medium I use to stay in touch, show my way, show the things that inspire me, the things I feel and see. Travels, places, items, philosophical ideas and nerdy stuff. I am seeking what I haven’t seen so far, the feelings I haven’t felt and the pathways I haven’t walked.”

— instagram: esther.niko.seibt



Expression starts within - how it comes to life, is a matter of circumstances, direction and given tasks.

Being an actor is a decision taken for you, it’s a birth right and a birth obligation. You can maybe run - but you can’t hide (forever).

Voice Over ‘Kathy’

Esther Seibt for HFF Potsdam

Directed by Amirali Navaee